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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Blame-a-Thon Blame Drews Cancer

Get ready to blame all day on 9/9/09!

Blame-a-Thon starts at the stroke of Midnight on 9/9/09 (that’s Tuesday heading into Wednesday), and it’s going to raise tons of awareness and donations for LiveStrong.

There are two halves to Blame-a-Thon. Overnight through noon is @ Indy Hall; from noon on is @ North Star Bar. Below is the basic info about both locations, and how you can give to LiveStrong.

Hear Drew talk about the Blame-a-thon

Alex Hillman talks about how he got involved.

Britt and Michaelangelo talk about the day's events

Melissa Jones from Alex Lemonade talks about the story of Alex's Lemonade vision.

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