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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wil Reynolds SEO 2009 @ 20090519

Wil has done another outstanding job presenting SEO.


The presentation's focus is on looking at Search Engine Optimization SEO and what matters most TODAY in the algorithms of todays largest search engines. Outside of the basic technical blocking and tackling, how do you succeed online? Build great content? Is that enough? How do you build links in a way that is likely to stay around? What about Google Universal, what happens when 4 of the top 10 rankings are videos, news items, products, local results and blogs? How does influence rankings at Yahoo? This presentation is going to be a crash course on everything that's been influencing search in the last 2 years and educate participants on what to be keeping an eye out for. Did you know that Youtube gets more searches than MSN? Is your search strategy prepared for that? If any of the questions above sound intriguing or new to you, come join Wil Reynolds and the SEER team as they help explain what's new and how to be prepared for the newest trends in search. Over the past 10 years, Wil Reynolds has dedicated himself to doing two things well: driving traffic to sites from search engines and analyzing the impact that traffic has on the bottom line of companies. Wil’s career began at a web marketing agency in 1999, where he spearheaded the SEO strategies for companies like Barnes & Noble, Disney, Harman Kardon, Debeers, Doubleclick, Hotjobs, and Mercedes Benz USA (to name a few). Today, Wil and his team of search professionals at SEER Interactive assist clients in maximizing their visibility and sales using search engines. Location: University City Science Center, 3711 Market Street, 8th Floor Date: Tuesday, May 19 SEO 2009 Wil Reynolds from Mark Magliocco on Vimeo.