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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Malvern Sweat Lodge

Malvern Sweat Lodge
Drum making - Saturday, November 4 2006
MALVERNSWEATLODGE MISSION: MalvernSweatLodge is envisioned as a place of peace and healing where one may practice a life based on prayer, meditation and self examination. Here in Malvern Pennsylvania, a community of friends host guests and activities which manifest that vision.

The Sweat Lodge, our principle way to pray, is an ancient Native American Ceremony of prayer and purification. Since 1995 we have kept a standing lodge in the way taught to us by Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael. We welcome all to these open lodges: 1) an open prayer for Peace on the New Moon; 2) for women only on the Full Moon; and, 3) for men only on the 1st Friday of each month. We also host sweat lodge ceremonies of healing for individuals or groups when appropriate. Find out more on the sweat lodge page and look at the schedule page for times and dates. Check out the links page for more information about Beautiful Painted Arrow and other neat stuff.

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