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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Booth's Corner Farmers Market Bethel PA

Booth's Corner Bethel PA from Mark Magliocco on Vimeo.
History of Booth's Corner

Booth's Corner Farmers Market was founded in the 1930's by a farmer named Earl Phillips. His 14 acre farm, complete with wooden barn and sprawling fields, served as the sale grounds for Amish farmers and other merchants who brought their goods by truck and wagon to the Market during the Great Depression.

Over the years, a series of sheds and outbuildings were added on to the barn to accommodate the growing numbers of merchants offering discounted national brand merchandise and a wide variety of farm fresh produce, poultry and meats.

On Friday nights, thousands of bargain hunters would head for the excitement of the "sale" as the famous auction was known in the early days.

Booth's Corner also attracted some of the country's most famous entertainers. Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson's famous sidekick, was once a colorful pitchman hawking gadgets in the Market midway. While Bill Haley, of Comets fame, was a popular guitar-playing entertainer.

The original market was destroyed by fire in 1973 and replaced by a modern building under the direction of Paul Cohen, whose father Nate, founded the original market.

Today, Booth's Corner Farmers Market upholds the tradition of great values and farm fresh meats and produce that have truly made it a great Delaware Valley landmark.

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