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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Help is Here Express” Bus Tour

Help is Here Express” Bus Tour

As some of you know I work at Telerx on the Patient assistance Team.

The PPA bus stopped by Central Montgomery Medical Center in Lansdale PA today. A few of the team stopped by to meet and greet Merck/PAP Team .

Learn More how to get help paying for your medicines click here.

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More about PPA
Millions of patients have already been helped by public and private patient assistance programs, but we know that millions more could benefit. That's why the Partnership for Prescription Assistance launched the “Help Is Here Express” bus tour. The “Help is Here Express” is a traveling enrollment center that travels across the country to increase awareness of and boost enrollment in patient assistance programs.
The bus is equipped with computer terminals and mobile telephones so patients can find out on the bus if they are eligible for help paying for their medicines. In the coming months, the bus will visit states across the country, increasing awareness and enrolling people in programs that help them receive the medicines they need.
The “Help Is Here Express” makes stops at state fairs, health clinics, senior centers and community events

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